But then again it was easy for me to stop doing this

UK Chav on a motorbike annoys the wrong person

Yeah I used to do things similar, maybe the worst thing I did was something similar to that, and realistically I should have been punished for it. But at the same time, my home life was chaos and I was angry and not at a age where I really thought things through. Then I got older, fell replica hermes bags in with a hbags hermes replica more positive group of friends and stopped doing it because it harms others. But then again it was easy for me to stop doing this, whereas for others it really isnt. so it a question of risk of death but at that point it comes replica hermes mini bag back to the rider, because if you make a habit of being a piece of shit, sooner or later you bound to run into a bigger piece of shit. i say this as a reformed thief fucking with other people shit is a crapshoot. most of the time you get Garden Party replica hermes away with it. sometimes you don if you survive hermes bracelet replica the times you hermes bag replica don you lucky. They are trained to be this way; to be very focused, factual, vigilant and almost lacking personality but this never rings completely true so you end up with something a bit confused.Unfortunately our police have to deal with a very strict legal system that they are check out this site also subject to and any minor slip up with scumbag number 16 that night and they could lose their job, pay damages to scumbag 16 who can now no longer be prosecuted for whatever crimes they had commited.Behind the scenes they are hermes replica handbags no different to link any other civilian and obviously when the moment calls for it on the job they are themselves. What you said in your post is generally what I had theorized. I was kinda struck by how British police seem to receive a much higher level of training and are significantly more professional than police in the US. So it makes sense that they come off that way. In my opinion American police seem to receive much more of a boot camp/military style emphasis in their training.I did notice that it often seemed like the police hands were tied and that the offender was treated better than the officers! Which is a shame to see. It missing the forest for the trees.you for clarifying/confirming from a much closer perspective!One thing I proud https://www.hbags.ru of the UK for is our policing. aaa replica birkin hermes bag UK police are also typically way less aggressive and talk to people to deescalate often taking evidence and coming back later to nab criminals (unless someone is in immediate danger). The result? Way lower rates of confrontation, fewer wrongful convictions, fewer police injuries etc. They get a suspended sentence and once thats gone there next offence carries nothing anyway.Its the same old shit in the UK.Im don’t really agree with the whole lock them up and throw away the key but crime is on the rise, car theft, motorbike theft, these sort of actions like in the video are continually rising all because the sentence are so weak and the police are so scarce that criminals don’t care.Suspended driving licence for 12months? The guy was driving without a licence anyway, like he cares. He’ll be straight back too it (well maybe not this guy because someone actually did something, but everyone else is).Ive never understood banning someone from driving when there driving without a licence, like they are already doing it. Its some bs sentance to make it seem like justice is servedPeople on reddit are such sociopaths sometimes when it comes to their justice boners it honestly a little disturbing.This is another human being and while he might be a total twat he doesn deserve to die for breaking a wing mirror.The feeling of pleasure you hermes replica briefcase getting from watching that young man aaa replica birkin bag be smashed into a stationary vehicle at 40mph and then reversed over is the exact same feeling that has driven some of the ugliest atrocities in human history.I just came from a thread where people were talking about the Japanese rape of Nanjing, they couldn get their heads around the idea that humans could do that to each other. I obviously not saying this is perfectly analogous but that feeling of pleasure you get from dehumanising someone and watching them suffer is the same one that allowed people to rationalise terrible acts. The car deliberately crashed into the bike, which could easily be framed as attempted murder. Attempted murder is arguably a more serious crime than breaking side view mirrors. I get that people don like the biker guy, but that doesn mean we should like the crazy guy in the car either. These situations do not always end with someone being right and someone being wrong. Both parties can be wrong.

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Women’s Open tournament in July

Blackman, 33, of Leominster, is charged in the wrong way crash on the Massachusetts Turnpike that killed a New Jersey woman.Blackman is alleged to have been under the influence of alcohol when he drove the wrong way in the westbound lanes of the Mass Pike near Exit 10 in Auburn on July 21, crashing into the van driven by Kathleen A. Two Weymouth women in a third vehicle were also injured.July 27: Westminster’s Zoning Board of Appeals rejects an attempt by residents on Ellis Road to stop or delay a group home from opening in their neighborhood. The group home, which serves as supervised housing for adults with mental handicaps, drew concerns from about 45 neighbors concerned for their safety and property values.

81. San Jose, Dylan Sadowy, LW, Saginaw (OHL); 82. St. What prompted this debate for me is the proliferation of games that are being released for both the consoles and the PC with the Orange Box being the first major one. I’ve read the reviews and know that it doesn’t run nearly as good for the console as it does on my PC, but that’s not the point I’m attempting to make. With more and more games being developed at the outset for both PC and console the choice between systems is becoming harder for me.

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首先 试用了MPMoviePlayerViewController

里面提供了方法setCurrentPlaybackTime ,但他会跳到10的整数倍,比如想跳到1-9秒都是从0秒开始,11到19会跳到10秒开始。没发现合适的方法.

[player seekToTime:t toleranceBefore:kCMTimeZero

apache activemq Connection refused to host:

activemq 远程监控的时候会报这个错,windows也报类似的问题

java.lang.RuntimeException: java.rmi.ConnectException: Connection refused to host:; nested exception is:

ACTIVEMQ_SUNJMX_START=”$ACTIVEMQ_SUNJMX_START -Dcom.sun.management.jmxremote -Djava.rmi.server.hostname=″

activemq 5.11.1为例子
bin 里有 win32和win64 里面有 wrapper.conf
可以看到有很多 wrapper.java.addition.1这样的配置信息

bin里有个linux-x86-64 里面也是wapper.conf