Arias deserves the electric chair for what she did to Travis

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canada goose Arias deserves the death penalty, I am happy that there have been problems with lethal injection, states are bringing back the electric chair. One state gives the condemned a choice electric chair or firing squad. Arias deserves the electric chair for what she did to Travis Alexander! she killed him 3 times, first stabbed him in his heart while he was sitting down in his shower stall posting for photos for arias. canada goose

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He exemplifies the role of a journalist: to measure what we

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No self respecting government, art dealer, private collector, museum or auction house should trade in or possess art stolen by the Nazis. We must all recommit to faithfully implementing the Washington Principles before Holocaust survivors breathe their last breath. We owe it not only to those who lost so much in the Holocaust but also to our own sense of moral justice..

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4. Get enough sleep. One of the most important factors of our mental health and overall well being is the amount and quality of sleep we get each night. I was in the first circle and my roommate who was watching told me to just wait it out as long as you can. I hid in the basement and no one came until it was top 5 and the final circle was just around the edge of pleasant. Once it got down to 3 I made my move to go out and found a blue m16 and only had 30 bullets.

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Step Five: Register and trust whatever arises that holds meaning, even if no one but you understands, even if it takes longer than you think it should. Receive the blessing from what you discover through a refreshed way of seeing, even if it comes from pain. Of course, when you’re reluctant to surrender what’s lost, (glasses, mobility, health, a loved one, a friendship, your job, your dream for the world) none of these steps sound appealing.

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The court’s decision today fails to safeguard that fundamental principle. It leaves undisturbed a policy first advertised openly and unequivocally as a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States because the policy now masquerades, she said, behind a facade of national security concerns. But this repackaging, she went on to say, does little to cleanse the presidential proclamation of the appearance of discrimination that the president’s words have created.

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Sony had sold and shipped 100 million within 9 1/2 years since

Numerous leaders of big groups have spoken with one another. The benefits have been tangible. Yet, much of the deeper understanding and knowledge of one another’s faith has not spread to the pews. “This is our 32nd year. We’ll have 10,000 visitors and 62 dealers from so many different genres, from all over the world, and from so many different eras that you could be looking at something from medieval times in one booth, while in the next you’ll find something very modern American, and then a booth that features 17th century European furniture. And the best thing of all is that there are very few such shows in the world at this level of quality.”.

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“Solskjaer warns Man United stars their mid season trip to

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I am sure that most of these errors are honest mistakes, and there is no point scolding people for something they did not realize was wrong. As I often point out, if you believe you know the right answer, you are not going to ask for instruction. People only ask if they are unsure..

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We feel that we are going in the wrong direction

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angularjs post 数据格式

修改原来的app.js 增加:

var [你的app名字]= angular.module('[你的app名字]=', ['ngRoute','[你的controller名字]='],function($httpProvider) {
// Use x-www-form-urlencoded Content-Type
$['Content-Type'] = 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded;charset=utf-8';

* The workhorse; converts an object to x-www-form-urlencoded serialization.
* @param {Object} obj
* @return {String}
var param = function(obj) {
var query = '', name, value, fullSubName, subName, subValue, innerObj, i;

for(name in obj) {
value = obj[name];

if(value instanceof Array) {
for(i=0; i);