Generally if a guy {drops a woman after only a month} he

This is especially true if she told you some (good things) about him.Logically it doesn’t make sense for her to be that upset with you over someone she threw away after {only dating for two weeks}.That’s like throwing left over food in a dumpster and getting upset when someone else retrieves it! Who drops a best friend over a 2 week fling?The one exception might be if she had an immature teenager’s mentality2. Did she dump him?If either one of those is the case I would stay away.On the other hand if it was just a casual fling with someone who he never cared about and lost interest in I’d ask him if it was ok.Generally if a guy {drops a woman after only a month} he doesn’t care who dates her afterwards. There was no “emotional investment” made.Odds are I probably wouldn’t have any “serious intentions” of building a long lasting relationship with her.

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