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canada goose outlet houston In an effort to improve the safety canada goose factory sale and culture within JCPS, the district may end SRO contracts. (Source: WAVE 3 News File Photo)JCPS started looking into alternatives following a fight between officers and students at Jtown High School sparked protests. (Source: WAVE 3 News Archive)LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) A new security proposal for canadian goose jacket Jefferson County Public Schools would remove officers who work for local agencies, and instead hire trained officers who would work only for the school system.It would create the JCPS Division of School Security, with its own police chief, who would answer directly to Superintendent Marty Pollio.Establishing a force of JCPS security officers with arrest powers would not be cheap, but the district hopes it would help canada goose uk outlet improve the safety and culture of schools by building officer student Canada Goose Jackets relationships.>> READ: JCPS Division of School Security ProposalThe plan, which must be voted on to canada goose clearance sale take affect, would put a security officer in every JCPS high school and middle school, and end current School Resource Officer (SRO) contracts with area police departments like the Louisville Metro Police Department Canada Goose sale and Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office.It would be put into action during the 2019 20 school year, increasing the presence of officers in schools from 29 to 48 canada goose outlet houston.