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The views from the top of the Mont St Clair lagoon with mollusc beds in military formation, sea, distant slopes are outstanding. Down below are memories of poet philosopher Paul Valry and chansonnier Georges Brassens (both local men, both significant French stars in their time). If you’ve never heard of them, say you have; this oils social intercourse.

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DBT is a method for teaching skills that will help in this task. In DBT people are encouraged to work out problems in their relationships with their therapist and the therapists to do the same with them. DBT asks people to complete homework assignments, to role play new ways of interacting with others, and to practice skills such as soothing yourself when upset.

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Good quality companies can withstand these gyrations. Yes, they might suffer a quarter or two, but in the long term, they’ll stand tall and strong. Buffett’s best manifestation of his ability to ignore market hysteria came during the dot com glee of the late 1990s.

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