It’s like saying that our garbage doesn’t matter and then

In part II of his essay, Sokal distinguishes religion from science, showing how they incompatible. I quote in extenso, but there a lot more, so go read the essay. It take about an hour. So if you weren’t sure, white nationalists honestly think that canada goose factory outlet girls would normally want to be their groupies, but the thing holding them back is shorts. This ranks a solid 2 on the list of the dumbest dumbshit things racists think. The men, it seems, aren’t just shitty to minorities, but also to women.

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Canada Goose Jackets For all the great monotheisms, God is himself the Good, or the Form of the Good, and his freedom consists in his limitless power to express his nature (goodness) unhindered by the obstacles or limitations suffered by finite beings. He is love that moves the sun and canada goose outlet sale all the other stars, as Dante phrases it, at once the underlying unity and the final canada goose outlet end of all things. And the absolute nature of that love is reflected in the unconditional quality of the transcendental or ecstatic desire it excites in rational natures Canada Goose Jackets.