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Like a silently asphyxiating Lex Luthor who pushed Superman’s buttons just once too often, Solar Probe Plus will dive into the sun’s corona and explore such mysteries as “Why the hell is the sun’s corona so much hotter than its surface?” and “How exactly do solar winds work?”Mind you, nothing on Earth can withstand the corona’s temperatures long enough to even reach the sun, and it’s predicted that the probe will only make it within 4 million miles. But for us mere humans, that’s really goddamn close to the sun. So no, it’s with great sadness that we must report that nobody’s going to have a body disintegrating cosmic orgasm as a result of the Solar Probe Plus mission..

Now, to enjoy those bubbles, a bottle of champagne should be thoroughly chilled before popping the cork. Chilled champagne retains the maximum amount of carbon dioxide. And when more carbon dioxide get dissolves in the drink, more pressure is created above the wine..

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