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Why do I emphasize eating so much meat? Because my one regret regarding this way of eating is that I did not get enough protein, and as a result, I am not as strong as I should be. THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN TO YOU. Because you will reach your protein goal every day.

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Replica Designer Handbags Looking back on the controversies around backwards messages hidden in music, it’s not clear whether the messages (often citing Satan, but rarely seriously) were an attempt to be scary or a cocked snook to concerned ministers who made a fuss about them in the first place. high end replica bags Eventually a kind of perpetually bemused stand off would ensue between artists and conspiracy theorists such as David John Oates, whose claims included the idea that AC/DC’s Highway to Hell contains the reversed messages “my name is Lucifer”, and “she belongs in hell”. Angus Young’s pithy response to that, in MOJO magazine, is worth noting: “It was the moral majority’s idea to play the record backwards but you didn’t need to play it backwards, because we never hid it Replica Designer Handbags.