“At the beginning, I think people gave us a chance simply

Immediate family and even extended family all the way up to your 50+ second/third cousins are a major aspect of your life. These are the people you interact with more than anyone else. There is a lot of drama but there is a lot of support and love there too.

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iphone 7 case Molly Fi, the visionary behind the Girls on Decks concept) at the bustling Weeds Cafe the day before Graham’s circus performance, they slowly reveal a shared perspective on their careers that is refreshingly chill, especially considering the industry’s continuing trend toward throwing talentless scantily clad models behind the decks.”I don’t think either of us have ever been about that,” says Thibodeau, as the conversation steers itself toward a recent performance by a certain paparazzi attracting hotel heiress who performed at Calgary’s Cowboy’s nightclub by doing little more than showing up and pressing play. “At the beginning, I think people gave us a chance simply because we were girls. They had this idea of what a female DJ looked like, and then they’d be surprised when they got Isis and I,” she says, causing both her and Graham to laugh.The girls agree that, early in their careers, they felt like they were mostly booking shows because the thought of a girl spinning records at a nightclub was a novel one iphone 7 case.