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Hermes Replica Handbags He was taken to a mental health facility for treatment under the Baker Act, which allows an individual to be temporarily detained for mental health evaluation eitheron a voluntary or involuntary basis.The Act allows minors to be held for up to 12 hours, but whether Zachary has been released remains unclear.The 17 year old younger brother of Parkland school shooter Nikolas Cruz (pictured) has been involuntarily committed to a psychiatric facility,Zachary was removed from Rocxanne Deschamps’ Lantana home, where he lived, on FridayThe Cruz brothers moved into family friend Rocxanne Deschamps’ mobile home in Lantana around Thanksgiving, after their adoptive mother Lynda Cruz died of pneumonia on November 1.But Nikolas decided to move to northern Broward County withJames and Kimberly Snead and their 17 year old son after Deschamps told him he couldn’t have his gun inside her house.’Violence and gun not accepted in my house,’ she wrote in a now deleted Facebook comment.Zachary, however, had stayed at Deschamps’ home, according to the Sneads’ lawyer Jim Lewis.Rocxanne Deschamps, 42, initially took the Cruz brothers in after the death of their mother but kicked Nikolas out for having a gun. Zachary, however, stayed with herThe brothers suffered hermes birkin replica australia a major personal tragedy in November when their adoptive mother Lynda Cruz, 68, (pictured with one of her sons) died of hermes belt replica uk pneumoniaNikolas was still living at the Sneads’ home when he went on a murderous rampage on Wednesday at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, in Parkland, hermes jypsiere replica Florida, killing 17 and injuring 15.The Sneads allowed the shooter to keep the gun in their home, as long as it was kept in a locked cabinet to which he had the key, Lewis said.Whether that gun is the AR 15 semi automatic rifle he used to kill 17 people remains unclear.’We are going through a lot,’ James Snead said outside his Parkland home Friday. ‘We are hurting right now.’Lewis said the family was devastated and shocked by Nikolas’ actions.’They had no idea that this kid was capable of this,’ he told the Palm Beach Post Hermes Replica Handbags.