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Fake Designer Bags 17 foods you didn’t know you can freeze and how to do itEvery year millions of pounds is spent on food that ends up in the bin so you might be surprised to find out you can put these 17 things in replica designer bags the freezer instead12:21, 11 APR 2016Updated13:20, 11 best replica bags online APR 2016Don’t bin it if you can possibly avoid it Get Deals updates directly to your inbox+ SubscribeThank you for subscribing!”Lots of foods go to waste simply because people don’t realise they are freezable,” said Emma cheap designer bags replica Brown, in house nutritionist for calorie experts, Nutracheck.”We should be casting the frozen net much wider; the freezer can help us all cut down on the amount that we chuck in the bin and that’s good news.”How much food is chucked by Brits each yearWine you can freeze buy replica bags any leftover wine in ice cube trays and add straight to recipes for cooking (we’re a bit confused by the idea of leftover wine too)Cheese grate it and store it in a freezer bag; grab a handful when you need itPasta cook a whole pack, cool it under the cold tap and freeze in weighed portions (helpful for weight watchers). You can reheat by pouring boiling water over it or add it straight to soups and casserolesBananas you can freeze over ripe bananas, or just bananas in general, with or without the skin. They’re also delicious frozen as an ice cream substitute (try covering them in chocolate sauce)Cooked rice if you’ve made too much, don’t bin it let it cool then freeze it Fake Designer Bags.