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Replica Hermes Birkin Richard Dawkins, take note: If your brain actually worked better, you would recognize the existence of a creative, divine force in the universe and wouldn’t happen to share the same mental retardation of these magnetically lobotomized test subjects.Ominous brain alteration might be mandated by evil governments in the same way as vaccinesHere’s where all this gets even more frightening. Government are dominated by Christian hating totalitarians who quite literally perceive belief in God (or national borders) as a kind of “mental illness” to be eradicated like a pandemic.It’s not at all far fetched to predict that governments might one day mandate magnetic brain “therapy” among those who believe in God in order to “treat” their so called “delusion” of believing in the divine.Those who profess belief in God can simply be labeled “mentally ill” by the government, then marched into Obamacare funded “treatment centers” that are actually magnetic lobotomy mills. (If you don’t think this could ever happen, you don’t know much about the modern day industry of psychiatry and electroshock therapy.)Once a person emerges with their frontal lobe magnetically fried, they will “fit in” with the Obama administration and the hoards of brain damaged Democrats who now typify mentally hermes sandals replica ill America.That person will then be proclaimed “cured” by the government Replica Hermes Birkin.