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Plastic and synthetic bristles are your general, all purpose brushes. The bristles are incredibly strong, made for working through larger areas of medium to thick hair. These are a step kind of brush, says Arrojo, best for detangling and preliminary blow drying.

Taking a look at the exterior of the case, we can see a big change from the previous models. The top and front panels are no longer flat, they have wire mesh and plastic elements providing a new look. The Noctis 450 is still a mid tower case, designed to support up to ATX motherboards.

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It’s all in the bag including spreadable germs. “Vacuums including the brushes and bags are like meals on wheels for bacteria,” says Charles Gerba, PhD, professor of environmental biology at the University of Arizona. “You suck in all this bacteria and food, creating an atmosphere for growth.” A recent study by Gerba and his team found that 13% of all vacuum cleaner brushes tested positive for E.

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