Well, last year was a tumultuous one for campus politics

protesters want donald trump dumped from saturday night live

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Cheap Canada Goose Dette kan gjres p skjermen paneler, vegger eller Vinduer. Plakater kan vre lst i hjrnene eller teipet p baksiden. Prv ikke bruke tape p frontene, som dette pleier rive papirene mer enn da satt p baksiden. Well, last year was a tumultuous one for campus politics. Events from Claremont California to the University of Missouri to Yale gave plenty of fuel to older pundits already asking, “What’s the matter with kids today?” A chorus of critics of political correctness found common ground in mocking students’ desire for “safe spaces,” their concern over micro aggressions Canada Goose Jackets, their need for trigger warnings. Kids today are coddled, we were told, and when they get to college, they fail to respect the rough and tumble contest of ideas that middle aged alumni remember as being part of their own college experience Cheap Canada Goose.